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Several advantages can be highlighted :

- No need to allocate human resources (training supervisor)
- No need to allocate hardware resources (office, computer, …)
- Supervision by a Project Manager (member of the Junior-Enterprise) who is dedicated exclusively to the project
- Time saving because only one weekly progress point (the project progresses “on its own” the rest of the time without needing to check)
- Simplification of the terms of contracting (just need to sign a study agreement and not to prepare the entire internship agreement)
- Several students who work in parallel therefore share tips and criticisms to progress faster and provide better quality work
The prices and durations really depend on the complexity of the projects, but on average the projects entrusted to us by companies last 3 months for an average price of €3,500 excluding tax.
A Junior is an association under the 1901 law established in a higher education establishment, carrying out educational studies in its areas of expertise. It is therefore essential that the studies provide added educational value, in accordance with the teaching provided in the establishment to which the Junior is attached. A pedagogical study allows the student to acquire the skills necessary for the professions for which his diploma prepares him.
On a given project, depending on the complexity and especially the deadline, one or more contributors (ENAC students) will be selected to carry out the study. They will be supervised by a Project Manager, member of the Study Monitoring Department of our Junior-Company.
In the project schedule proposed to you, we consider that a worker works an average of 8 hours per week.
It is entirely possible for us to sign a confidentiality agreement. Although we have a standard form of agreement, we can sign yours without problems.
As far as is reasonable and on an ad hoc basis, it is possible for the speaker(s) (accompanied by the Project Manager) to go on site to carry out certain tasks necessary for the project. However, do not forget that the speakers carry out these projects in addition to their courses and that it can therefore be complicated for them to free up one or more days during the week to come.
Junior-Enterprises always work according to an obligation of means and not an obligation of results.
We first offer you a quote (non-contractual). If it suits you, we take care of drafting a Study Agreement, a contractual document that contains all the details of the project (description of the phases, schedule, budget, etc.).
All research techniques and methods remain the property of ENVOL and may not be used or reproduced without express consent. On the other hand, all of the technical and methodological work necessary to carry out the study remains the exclusive property of ENVOL until full payment for the study, after which the result of the study will be the property of the Client. ”
ENVOL Junior Études - Make your projects fly !